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Welcome to the USS Caledonia and Starbase BoB. This unique PBeM Sim has been going strong for over nine years now, and we always welcome new members to our friendly, talented crew of writers.

Set some forty years after the Dominion War, on the furthest edges of Federation Space, this is an isolated and dangerous sector with the mysterious Typhon Expanse on one side, the dangerous and warlike Sayl'reth on the other, and undiscovered territory all around.

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The crews of the USS Caledonia and Starbase BoB; the misfits, mavericks and screw-ups of Starfleet, are the first - and last - line of defence against enemies old and new.

This is a sim for writers who are passionate their characters and want to develop them to the max in a lively, creative, unique yet traditional Trek RPG. Enjoy browsing around the site, and if you have any questions, just hit the commbadge on the left.

Captain Ca'assirri Mulder
Commanding Officer

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