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About The Sim

Some ships are well known for their service records of excellence. The USS Enterprise, the USS Voyager, the USS Excelsior. The Caledonia is not even close to one of those ships in quality or crew. The crew of the Caledonia are the misfits, the outcasts and the screw-ups. They're the people who aren't trusted or have managed to get themselves ostracized from the better assignments in Star Fleet. No-one ever asks to be assigned to the Caledonia. The ship itself is falling apart. Rarely does it get the parts and service it needs. The Engineering crew is understaffed and overworked. The Operations department can't keep up. And the Science department...well, that's just laughable.

It gets sent on the missions that no other ship will touch, or missions with such a low chance of survival that Starfleet won't send any of it's 'decent' ships. Although Starfleet needn't bother, really, as the Caledonia is a natural trouble-magnet and attracts the mad and the bad of the galaxy with no effort at all on her part!

Stuck out in the middle of nowhere Starbase BoB was originally built as the first line of defence against the Sayl'reth should they ever gain the technology and power to come pouring across the border. But as time went on and the Sayl'reth continued to spend the majority of their time fighting one another, personnel were transferred away from the station. Soon the station became a storage shed for all the detritus from passing ships, and a useful crew storage shed for the officers that Starfleet wanted to send far, far away from it's smart, shiny efficient facilities. The mavericks, the screw-ups, the has-beens, the misfits and the oddball geniuses that simply didn't fit in with a 'regular' crew - all will find a place on Starbase BoB.

Hopelessly undermanned in terms of officers and enlisted, the station is still a busy, thriving hub of activity. Being so very remote, it's considered the last restroom stop before heading off into uncharted space, and a home port for this sector's border patrol ships. With the nearest space station some three weeks journey away even by fast ship, BoB has a captive audience in terms of consumers, so those traders hardy enough to withstand the dangers of life on the wild frontiers will make a very good living.

Built to hold up to 50,000 personnel in times of war, it's usual complement at any time can be between five and six thousand souls. Two thousand of these will be Starfleet crew, the remainder traders, crew families, transient civilians, and the lost souls who wash up on this far-flung station with no aim or ambition to travel any further. There's space for all, and the main Promenade decks are always colourful and bustling, a hub of trade and gossip.

It's pre-opening designation of "Being Optimized for Battle" still hasn't changed in the years since, hence it's name. First a handy nickname, but then it stuck, and is known throughout the Galaxy simply as Starbase BoB.

Like the Caledonia, BoB more notorious than famous, and it's crew's exploits are legendary, usually in the pages of the tabloid press and angry reports on admirals desks everywhere!

How It All Began

CalyBoB is proud to count itself as a unique concept in Star Trek simming, and over the years I've often been asked how it happened. Here's how it all began back in the year 2000!

Eight years ago the founders of the sim created the concept as an antidote to the (then) rash of super-sims, chock full of noble, dashing Starfleet officers who all graduated top of their class. These paragons liked nothing better than giving each other stirring words of inspiration, a manly handshake, and singing a quick chorus of Kumbya before bolding going off to uphold the ideals of the Federation with dignity, skill, and more stiff upper lips than a Botox Clinic...

The founders asked themselves - what happens to the officers who graduate at the bottom of the class? Someone has to! What happens when an officer screws up? Or just doesn't fit in with the 'ideal' of the heroes that we saw on our screens every week?

Enter the USS Caledonia. The last-chance saloon for the officers that Starfleet wants to forget! The place to send crew that they don't want serving alongside 'proper' officers.

It's patrol route was placed along the border of the 'Sayl'reth Sector', an original concept area of space that is the home to the Sayl'reth - a warlike lizard species (similar to the Gorn). The Sayl'reth are technology-obsessed and will stop at nothing to steal whatever they take a fancy to. Being a very aggressive species, there was always the constant threat of invasion, and the Caledonia was tasked with a running brief to patrol and control that area of space. This was the background setting for the many and varied other escapades it was to find itself in.

The sim took off so rapidly it surprised even the creators (Lorna and Dan - gone now, but what a legacy they left!). The Caly sailed into madness and mayhem, every mission having it's own quirky take on Trek World.

Then in 2003, The Nomads first made their appearance. Detachment Nomad was the Marine equivalent of the Caledonia - for soldiers too bad to fit the usual marine mold. Whether based on the Caledonia, or now on BoB, these mad, bad fightin' furies are an integral part of the sim.

2004 saw the creation of a new section to the sim - Starbase BoB. After sailing the galaxy for many years, the Caly needed a home port, and thus BoB was born. It, too, was the starbase equivalent of the ship. Originally designed as a home for Beta Shift simmers (i.e. regular simmers who due to RL could only sim occasionally) it took off, emulating the success of the Caly so many years before, and is now a fully fledged, lively active section.

BoB was placed as the guardian of the border along the edge of the Sayl'reth Column, not only a handy home port for the USS Caledonia but now for all the other Sayl'reth Sector Border Patrol ships as well. With the Sayl'reth on one side, and the strange Typhon Expanse on the other, it's a dangerous and remote area of space, right on the furthest edges of Fleet Territory. The thin corridor of space between Sayl'reth Space and the Expanse leads to completely uncharted territory - from whence Weird Things often come!

Both the Caledonia and BoB have distinct personalities and unique styles, but both encapsulate all the original qualities as fresh as when they were first devised. The two sections are symbiotic, and part of a whole, and always will be!

There is something for everyone in this two-section sim. Life on a starship or a space station, as either a Starfleet officer or a civilian. For those that enjoy Marine soldiering, the Nomads provides all the action you could wish for. Plus, we have a whole fleet of NPC Border Patrol ships - and an established simmer will be offered one of these to run as their own personal NPC, to take part in all sorts of major space battles whenever the need arises. With so many opportunities, this means a simmer can have the maximum amount of fun all under one simming roof - and it doesn't get any better than that!.

As characters come and go, over the years the sim has built up a fabulous back-story. Every new generation of simmers make their mark, from those of us who've clocked up six or seven years, to the newest members.

We love Trek, but aren't afraid to take the kid gloves off. Parody, satire and surrealism all work hand in hand with traditional Trek, and the diversity works and fits seamlessly together in a crazy way that's impossible to describe.

This is the place for those who love their characters, get a buzz out of writing and interacting, and creating a whole new world in cyber-space. Long may it continue to evolve and grow!

Captain Ca'assirri Mulder
Commanding Officer - USS Caledonia & Starbase BoB Sim