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Welcome to the first step of a brand new simming adventure. Please take time to fill in this form as fully as possible - the more detail you put into it, the more background you have to work with and the more interesting your character becomes.

For your convenience, we recommend that you draft the more detailed sections (background etc) on a separate Word/Notepad/email page and then copy & paste it to the form. That way you can edit and spell-check before you send it off to us - and if gremlins chew it up in cyber space then you have a back-up copy so you don't have to write it all out again!


Personal Data

Tell us about yourself.

What is your name?

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What age group are you in?

Where abouts do you live?
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What sims or writing groups have you participated in before?

Character Data

Tell us who you want to write.

What is your character's name?

What is your character's gender?

What is your character's date of birth?

What race is your character?
(If non-standard, include details in the notes)

Where was your character born?

What languages does your character speak?

What does your character like to do in their off duty time?

How tall is your character?

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What is your character's eye colour?

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Character Details

Tell us about your character.

Character Background:

Character's Personality Profile:

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Character Starfleet History

What has your character been up to since signing up?

What is your character's education?
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Character's Service History:
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Are you applying to join the Caledonia or StarBase BoB?

What position are you applying for?

Is there anything else the Administration should know about your character?

What celebrity would you like for your character's pic?
(You are welcome to send a clear head-shot image of your chosen celebrity for us to Photoshop into uniform, or simply give us the name of the person you would like to play your character and we'll do the rest!)

Any final comments?

I confirm that I've read the Rules & Guidelines thoroughly, understand them and agree to play by them.

Before sending, please double-check to make sure that all fields have been filled out. If they have not the form will not send.