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The Mirror Universe : Original Background as at 2405

Set some 35 years after the Mirror Universe depicted in ST:DS9, there has been a revolution and the humans and others are no longer slaves. But times are hard in the lawless universe, and they band together to survive.

Some try to bring order to the chaos of post-revolution anarchy, others seek to exploit and profit from it. The barriers of friend and foe are broken down and unrecognisable to that which exists in our own universe.

Starbase SoD ("Survive or Die") was the base of operations for The Conglomerate, a collection of hard-bitten individuals ruled with an iron fist by The Facilitator, Cazidy Malder. They manufactured much-needed medicines side by side with designer drugs for the criminal factions of the sector, along with various extortion, protection and pimping rackets. Their support ship, the SS Doner Celticia, made their deliveries and extracted the monies due to them - by any means necessary.

Premises on the station could be rented for a hefty fee by those who wished to operate their own quasi-criminal activities. Transients were permitted to tout their wares and services, again for a considerable fee. The 'Enforcers' - the praetorian guard of the station - ensure that those who fell foul of the system were despatched swiftly and mercilessly. Some were despatched literally, some were simply exiled. In a world where the rule of the jungle prevails, sometimes the latter is as terrifying a prospect as the former.

With the MU Alpha Quadrant in a state of flux, each planet and outpost is it's own kingdom, and the free sentients choose to live wherever they feel gives them the best chance of survival. Workers on SoD knew that if they did their jobs properly and cause no trouble, they had protection from the outside dangers, and so fared much better than many other places.

The MU is not a particularly happy place, as many have discovered. With the freedom of choice comes the necessity to be responsible for one's own survival. But survive they all do, in this fledgling 'free universe', and those with the wit and endurance to work with the system do well enough.

The Mirror Universe meets the Caledonia & BoB : 2405 - 2410

In 240504, the MU faced an invasion by their version of Species 8472, and sought help from the 'real' universe, with the SS Doner Celticia creating a rift to travel through, assuming that their counterpart station would be state of the art, and be able to solve their problems. What they found, of course, was BoB - and they were not best pleased.

In it's turn, the BoB officers were hardly pleased either, especially when Species 8472 broke through after the Celticia and launched a massive attack that took every ounce of off-the-wall ingenuity and trademark determination to repel. BoB, the USS Caledonia and the Border Patrol managed to defeat 8472 and gave the MU crews all the information they needed to go back and clear up their own universe. They left, each side hoping never to see the other again.

However, in 240606, a new rift caused in part by the already weakened fabric at the previous point of entry colliding with the disturbances caused by the phase-out of the planet Faylinn, suddenly opened up. Without warning both BoB and the USS Caledonia were sucked into the Mirror Universe.

There, they faced another maybe greater challenge - find a way to reverse the effect and get back to their own world before SoD, and The Conglomeration, launched an attack on a station they know nearly as well as their own, to take everything for themselves and sell the CalyBoB crews as slaves.There were many personal animosities and feuds that had been simmering from the previous encounter, and all these now came to a head.

Also into the Fray came the first encounters with The Society of Set - a shadowy group of assasins and criminals that were the MU version of The Patriots (the masonic undercover group with far-reaching tentacles that had plagued BoB the previous year).

A desperate plan was hatched to slingshot the USS Caledonia round the nearest sun to create the conditions necessary to re-open the rift artificially and propel both station and ship back to the safety of their own universe.

The MU Conglomeration got wind of this and called in mercenary pirates to help launch the attack on BoB, whilst despatching the SS Doner Celticia to stop the Caledonia. All seemed lost, until a brand new ally entered the fray - the New Earth Customs & Trades Commission, known simply as the CTC.

Based on New Earth, the CTC is a small but growing organisation dedicated to bring free trade, peace and unification back to the lawless galaxy. Starbase SoD was not a high priority for them until the appearance of BoB brought their schedule forward.

With the NES Redemption leading the attack, the Doner Celticia was sabotaged by her own pilot and the Caledonia allowed to complete her mission around the sun, even as the CTC ships fought off the pirate ships attacking BoB.

As BoB and the Caledonia returned abruptly to their own space, the situation in the Mirror Universe was dire. A CTC ship was despatched to rescue to stricken Doner Celticia, with both rescuer and rescuee about to be enveloped in a fireball. CTC soldiers on Starbase SoD discovered the insane Facilitator about to self-destruct the entire station with them still on it, rather than surrender. Fortunately, the CTC forces overcame their foes. The crews of SB SoD and the Doner Celticia were taken prisoner and given the chance to reform and work for the CTC, or simply be set adrift without protection. Several chose to refrom. But the most dangerous - including the Facilitator Malder, were imprisoned deep below CTC Headquarters.

New EarthThe crews of Starbase BoB and the USS Caledonia never knew what became of the chaos left behind, as they were deposited safely back into their own universe. At least, they remained in ignorance until one surprising day two years later, in the summer of 2408. Without warning, the station (with the USS Caledonia attached at a docking ring) was catapaulted through a wormhole and landed on the planet of New Earth, in the colony city of New London.

Embedded in the middle of the Municipal Park, the Calybobers were at first furious to discover that the CTC had instructed the MU Borg to do this to them. The CTC explained they had no choice - the entire sector was being over-run by an advancing army of grotesque aliens called the Ha'agen.

Captain Mulder knew the Ha'agen only too well, as they were the only natural enemy of her people on the Jaz'Aarian system. She learns that in the MU her people anatgonised the Ha'agen and now the entire Jaz'Aarian system is dead. The Ha'agen only appear at night to prey on their victims, and a vast mothership full of them is buried somewhere on New earth.

The CalyBoBers have little choice but to stay and fight, as they are reminded that they owe the CTC a debt for rescuring them all back in their last encounter. With it becoming apparent the members of The Society of Set are orchestrating and controlling the Ha'agen, the CalyBobers have even more to fight for. Battle after battle takes place, both in the streets and in the skies above New London.

Seven days and seven nights later, the final batleground culminates in a night of the most intense fighting yet, as Marines and Starfleet officers support and fight and die alongside the Regulator troops and Pacification Squads and civilians, determined to protect their colony from these monstrous invaders.

As dawn breaks that fateful morning it looks as if the courageous troops have lost. Despite their tireless fighting and bravery, the Ha'agen troops still vastly outnumber them. Then, out of the skies come scores of attack ships - piloted by Ferengi, Andorrians and Vulcans.

These disparate species, knowing of the devastation being spread across the quadrant have raced to give support to the CTC, to help stop the Ha'agen once and for all. With their help, there is a final push and the Ha'agen are broken, forced out into the light which kills them. The Society leave the area, with a few threats to indicate that they haven't forgiven or forgotten the deaths caused to their family by the CalyBoBers and will reform and return to take their revenge.

But all that is for the future. For now, the CTC and it's new allies are set to pick up the pieces, rebuilt, and start spreading their ethical doctrine further afield than ever before, offering stability and safe passage to traders and travellers who are all part of the new post-empire peacetime.

The Caledonia and BoB are to go back to their own universe, taking their dead and injured with them. The Marines, in particular, are practically decimated by their losses as they bore the brunt of the heavy fighting.

There is one particular war-story that will have even further reaching consequences though. Nomads Lt Avi Richter and an MU civilian mission worker called Allie Snow fell in love in the short time they had together, but Avi was seriously injured in the fighting and his only chance of recovery was to go back to his own universe. Allie cannot go with him and she knows her responsibility is to the homeless and dependant that she caters for in her soup kitchen and hostel, so she takes a heartbreaking leave of him.

But fate has not finished with them. When BoB is celebrating Christmas 2408, a wormhole opens and a lone shuttlepod arrives, bearing Allie Snow and a small girl child sho is her daughter. She explains that she had been sent back in time two years from the Mirror Universe to beg for their help. She has the information of what has happened locked into an implant in her head, and says it will not activate until the time has come to travel, as to know beforehand would cause untold damage - so the CTC have instructed her to say.

Captain Mulder cannot bear to send her back and, resigned, sends the shuttle back empty to the future, knowing that's the signal that - when BoB's timeline catches up with the MU's - they will know it's agreed and will activate the final wormhole for BoB to travel once more to the MU to save them from this unknown catastrophe.

The next few years pass quickly, and Allie marries Avi and they move to Pangaea but now it is summer 2010 and the implant is about to give up it's secrets. To add to the pressure, the Border patrol ship USS Waterloo has been sucked through an apparent rogue wormhole into the MU some months earlier and it's fate is unknown. With two urgent objectives to deal with now, the Caledonia and BoB once more prepare to travel to the MU for what will be their most dangerous and shocking mission yet...