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Every Sim has it's own unique way of doing things, all part of the system that makes it run true to it's vision. As CalyBoB has a very different sim premise from the 'regular' Trek Sims, we have several unusual quirks that you might not have encountered before.

Please read everything below very carefully before applying, so that you understand our logistics. We're very flexible when it comes to creativity and generally most things are negotiable. But the small number of tried-and-tested Rules and Guidelines listed below are absolutely and completely set in stone. So read on and see what's what :)

House Rules

1) Logging format.

We write all our logs in narrative/novel format - that is, third person past tense. If you're new to simming and unsure what this means, then check out our logging archives and read a few logs to see what we mean. Put simply, it's the normal style that most fiction books are written in. Please note we don't do [TAG] style simming - no tagging at all. Joint Posts are written by private e-mail off-list, and posted when they're finished. That way we all get to enjoy the finished result :)

2) All NPCs are enlisted.

There are never any random officer NPCs to be found on the crew of either section of the sim - the only actual officers are active PCs. The basic reason behind this is that enlisted have no posting requirements, but officers would have to written at least once a week. Officers have duties and requirements to the ship that are seen often, whereas enlisted can be backgrounded for months and never written.

Plus, of course, it works extremely well with our sim premise of being insanely undermanned. So, whether you want to create a special NPC for your use or whether you want to just create an NPC for a random specific task, they must be enlisted personnel (Non Commissioned Officer).

3) All USS Caledonia NPCs must have bios and prior approval

Closely tied to the above, the Caledonia is grossly understaffed, so what you see on the manifest is what you get. The only crew aboard the ship are those specifically named on the manifest. So if you wish to create an NPC for your department it has to get Captain's approval. The Captain will then ask for a Bio and put it on the page, you can specify whether only you write the character or whether anyone can.

Starbase BoB by nature is a much bigger entity with a few thousand crew and while we have a list of commonly used NPCs, you can create random (enlisted) NPCs as and when you like without needing permission or a bio. If you wish to create a personal NPC to use regularly, please forward to it the admin team for approval with bio.

4) Do not corner PCs.

Don't write someone's character doing such and such unless they've already given you the go ahead or they've already written their character there at a certain time. In other words, never "place" another PC character in a location without checking off-list with their writer to make sure they can be there. Because we try to keep things in order, it means that if you write someone doing something onlist they have to go and fix several logs they may have waiting offlist. Always ask, and preferably offer to do a Joint Log with them.

5) Never ever write words, actions or reactions for a Player Character other than your own. Ever.

This is possibly the worst breach of sim etiquette that can happen, and along with 4) above, is the biggest no-no ever! If you need another character's input, write a JL with them. If they aren't around, find another way. If you want to convey information to them without meeting them face to face, either send a message to their computer, or comm them, say your piece, and leave it. Simmers are smart - they'll pick up your message! And they'll appreciate the freedom to be able to work it into their own writings.

6) Those X-rated moments.

We don't have a cinema rating on this sim and never will, as we simply trust our simmers to exercise good judgement and self-regulation as to what is tasteful and appropriate. The IC situation is very gritty and realistic, so there will be a certain amount of cussing when characters are under stress. Starfleet is a military organisation so there will be fighting and therefore violence. Our characters form relationships and so there will be passion. All we ask is that the writing is neither obscene, gratuitously graphic, or sleazy. A skilful writer will be able to convey very intense situations and emotions in a way that will be absorbing, thought-provoking and entertaining to read. And, of course, you can always ask if you're not sure what might be acceptable and what might not.

7) Respect other character's personal lives.

Always be aware that the storylines you the writer knows about OOC will not be the same as what your character will know IC. As a simmer you get to read all the logs so you know everything that is happening mission wise, and all the crew's little secrets. But - your character can only know the things they see with their own eyes or are told IC or happen in a public place, so be very aware of that in your writings. Avoid inventing explanations (eavesdropping, 'special abilities', computer hacking etc) as to why your character knows the juiciest gossip because you might well be blowing apart another writer's carefully planned personal sub-plot - or even worse, mission storyline - and you won't be popular.

With so many exciting things always happening, it's very tempting to want to be in the thick of it, and there are a couple of excellent ways of dealing with this. First - simply mail the writer/s of a personal or mission sub-plot you're interested in to see if they'd like your character to be involved. Maybe they will, maybe they won't at that stage - but you can bet they'll appreciate the courtesy of being asked. Or secondly, you can ask IC, but again, only questions that a character would reasonably ask bearing in mind rank and military protocol. And always respect and accept the answers you get given!

Bio Guidelines

1) Rank.

Officers start as Ensigns, no exceptions. Officers transferring in will be required to bust their character down to Ensign rank. This is quite in keeping with the spirit of Caledonia-BoB and works well on a Bio. If you really can't bear to demote your existing character, that's okay, all you need to do is create a brand new character that can start at Ensign. Enlisted crew start at the rank of Crewman, and Marines start at the rank of Private (enlisted) or Second Lieutenant (officer).

2) Choosing a race


Due to the 'rehabilitation' nature of the Caledonia-BoB Sim no true telepaths are ever assigned to the USS Caledonia or Starbase BoB. (And you can be sure all beings are checked first.) So please bear this in mind when considering what species you want your character to be. Some low-level empathic, or similar limited powers are acceptable - for example, Vulcans are fine. Whatever the race, PC's or regular crew NPC's are not permitted to be telepaths. We are very happy to accept any other canon or unique Special Abilities, no matter how quirky - but not telepathy in any form, at any level. This is a Telepath-Free Sim.

If you wish to play a non-canon race [we have quite a few really fascinating original player-created species already] or a canon race about which there is little known, that's fine. Be sure to fill in as many details about the race as possible in the box provided on the Application Form. Six or seven paragraphs to cover where the homeworld is located, geographical and climate details, social and political structure etc are all important to give other simmers an overview of your character.

3) Special Abilities.

Absolutely NO 'super powers' please. Any special abilities your character has must be low-level, realistic and believable. There's plenty of scope to be original and creative without going into super-hero territory. Power-simming is so last-century!

4) No current or past Section 31 or Starfleet Intelligence members.

These characters require a certain level of ability, intelligence and dedication, and no matter how badly they screwed up it wouldn't be enough to land them up on the Caledonia or BoB. No matter how you spin it, these characters will not be accepted. Sorry.

5) No "information classified" or "situation unknown" sections.

How much of your character's background he or she chooses to share IC with their crewmates is of course entirely up to you - but the details must all be fully explained and set out in the initial application.

Okay, you've read the House Rules and the Bio Guidelines.
So, next...

1) Decide whether you wish to join the USS Caledonia or StarBase BoB. Both the Caledonia and BoB have posting requirements for all officers, NCOs and Civilians (once per week minimum) and a two post a week requirement for department heads - and we hold fast to that. A Sim Report is published every week with a summary of the past weeks logs, awards, promotions, news updates, and a logging breakdown per simmer. If Real Life bites you and you find that it's impossible to find time to log for any period of time - tell us. We can always find a way to support you and keep your character on board until you can pick up again. But only if we know the situation - communication is the key :)

2) Look at the manifests for either the Caledonia or StarBase BoB or the Nomads and see what positions are open. If you're coming onboard as an enlisted, feel free to create a position. Enlisted personnel are typically very specialized versions of officers. If you don't see the position you're looking for on the list, then feel free to ask. We're always interested in our simmers ideas and we'll find a way to make it work for you.

3) If you are wanting to join the Nomads Marine Company, note that they are stationed on BoB. Marine Background should be authentic, but in keeping with the spirit of Caledonia-BoB. i.e. They are good at their job, but with certain social skills lacking. So, they will be assigned to the Nomads as SFMC really doesn't want them charging around with "decent" Marine Units!

4) MOST IMPORTANT: We need to know how and why your character ended up being assigned to the Caledonia or BoB. How their careers went downhill, what screw-ups they made, or how their careers were a by-word for under-achieving or irritation of their superiors. Remember, Caly or BoB is the Last Chance Saloon for any officer before they get kicked out altogether, so we need to see just what brought them to this all-time low point in their lives.

Ready to go for it? Okay! Go to the [Join Form] and start your adventure. We look forward to hearing from you!

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