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The Say'lreth

The USS Caledonia patrols a lonely, dangerous section of the Say'lreth Sector, between the Say'lreth territories and the Typhon Expanse. As part of the Sector's Border Patrol and therefore Task Force 3.6 it holds the fort in this wild frontier as best it can, as the entire Sector is vast and the resources in number of ships available is small.

The main race of this area is called the Say'lreth, a strange lizard race that hides their faces behind masks to look like the race they are dealing with.

Summary of the Say'lreth

The Say'lreth are not a nice race. They partake of slavery, dream of Galactic domination and see compassion as a weakness. For centuries they have kept a tight grip on their empire, what they call the Say'lreth Column, rebuilding it when they needed to, expanding it whenever and wherever they could. They hate the Federation, particularly the interfering Caledonia, and, though they technology is becoming increasingly out of date, they are still a force to be reckoned with.

Their planet is arid and their ships are old-fashioned, but the Say'lreth authorities have a sort of grit, a sort of determination to keep their tight grip on power. They deny the splits in their society to the outside world, crush dissidents in secret and keep races other than their own which belong to the Column in brutal servitude. They are currently on the brink of civil war, a section of their own 'home' race bent on freeing the other races of the Column from slavery by promoting insurrection.

Say'lreth Status as of 2378

The year 2378 began inauspiciously for the Say'lreth Column, with a group of rebels using the name of Huaton but rejecting the philosophy of peaceful protest planting bombs across the main areas of the planet. They demanded dialogue with the Federation, something the government had once again ended with the expulsion of two UFP diplomats. As always, the government denied these splits to the outside Galaxy. The USS Caledonia prevented the explosion of most of the bombs but the government showed no gratitude to them or the Federation, particularly when some of the devices detonated anyway.

The violent Huaton sect, breaking away from their peaceful counterparts, split the Movement in two and branched out on their own. Holing up in asteroid fields and small planetoids across the Column, they began to accrue vessels and supplies to use in the kindling of insurrection on the border colonies. Their hope was that such an insurrection would inspire more and more member races and liberal Say'lreth until the whole Column government was upturned.

The government itself has already set about crushing this resistance. Becoming even more insular in the process, the Say'lreth government no longer invites talks from any of the main Galactic governments. Too busy preventing civil war in a self-defeatingly totalitarian manner, they are more hostile than ever to outside influence, seeing UFP philosophies as the root of the current rebels' thinking.

As 2378 closed, the Column was on the verge of a second bloody civil war.

Say'lreth Physical Appearance

The Say'lreth traditionally wear disguises when coming up on a new planet to exploit. They will introduce themselves as allies, claim to want to assist the planet with it's technology, and then slowly bleed the planet for all it's resources. Without their disguises the Say'lreth are similar in appearance to the Gorn. They are tall, reptilian humanoids. The females average at 5'11" 6'3" in height while the males average 6'5" 6'10" in height. They have a thick spiky mane-crest that starts a couple inches behind the forehead and continues down to the start of the neck. The males tend to be muscular while the females more slender and less bulky. Their colours range through the earth tones, but the most common is green scales with brown highlights.

Say'lreth Personality

"And we thought the Ferengi are soulless sods" is the comment of one of the first ambassadors to deal with the Say'lreth on a deeper level. For the most part the Say'lreth wanted little do with the Federation once they figured out that the Federation ships and resources would mean for a long drawn out battle. The Say'lreth prefer being in a vastly superior position of strength for their battles.

The Say'lreth's history of moving in on pre-warp planets and sucking them dry did nothing to endear them to the Federation. As the empire started to collapse, the Federation posted warships to keep an eye on the Say'lreth and went on with it's business.

The Say'lreth tried several times to take the warships for it's replicators technology. Their homeworld has plenty of energy in the form of sunlight, has plenty of minerals and ores, but is sadly lacking in water. Without water, not much will grow. Even now there's a 28% infant fatality rate due to starvation.

The Say'lreth are firm believers in the strong survive. They view that the galaxy is their's for the taking and the other races are there to serve them. They tend to be highly charismatic and even if you've been warned about them you'll still tend to find yourself thinking of them as your best friend.


The Federation currently refuses to give the Say'lreth replication technology since it's obvious the Say'lreth would use it build bigger and better ships with bigger and better weapons before they would ever use it for food creation. The Romulan empire would happily squash the Say'lreth empire like a bug if they didn't have to now go through Federation space to do it. The Klingons find the Say'lreth amusing in similar ways that they find Ferengi amusing; grab them, torture them, teach them the might of the Klingon empire.. Now that the Klingon empire is stronger than that of the Say'lreth.

The Say'lreth - Essential Data

A culture whose history has been ruled by the lack of resources for industry and the like and hence by vicious fighting for control of those scant recources, even the Say'lreth's venerated spiritual leaders are little more than glorified politicians who supported expansion in one form or the other.

The Philosophy of Propogation

The process by which the Say'lreth expand outwards in order to gain more resources, material and knowledge.

The Philosophy of Cultural Domination

Developed in Ashron'ai, this philosophy effectively condones and promotes the philosophy of Propogation, saying the best to expand is not through military means but by invading and coming to dominate and subdue the culture of one's enemy. Say'lreth history shows the tactic is highly successful, at least in the relative short term.

The Union

The first real civilsation and culture of Say'lreth. Created the philosophy of Propogation, which has dominated Say'lreth political thought ever since. Its early complacency led it to be undermined as the most powerful power on Say'lreth D. Its mistakes led to its domination by an alien power and the use of the most plentiful supply of resources on Say'lreth D.


The philosophy of Cultural Domination developed here. Originally a mere break-away state, it became the precursor to the Global Government of the Say'lreth Column.


By all accounts, the most peaceful and careful culture in Say'lreth history.

The Huaton Movement

Supports the end of all domination by the Say'lreth. Is not against a Confederacy in the area, but sees Say'lreth domination and raping of that Confederacy as ultimately damaging.


The Say'lreth, who make up the elite of all arms of the Say'lreth Column and hence dictate the policy of the Column and its ex-members whose culture has been entirely subsumed, have the disconcerting habit of appearing, through holographic technology and prosthetics, as a member of the race they are fighting or in prolonged talks with. They see it as both a polite greeting to a distinctive culture, but also as a tool to facilitate cultural domination.

The Say'lreth - A Historical chronology

550 000 BC - approximate time at which anthropologists believe the Say'lreth emerged as recognisable sub-species on Say'lreth D

5000 BC - The first signs of what modern archaeologists call civilisation, in a loose way similar to the Mayan civilisation of Earth's South America

4150 BC - First contact between two different Say'lreth cultures. Violent war ensues.

2000 BC - Evidence of four main emerging cultures, none of which relate to the culture which had begun developing in 3000 BC, probably destroyed by war.

1230 BC - Appearance of an individual, Sal'eth, who united twoof the cultures. Sal'eth is venerate as both a secual and spirtiual figure of great importance. The Union he formed evolves throughout Say'lreth history, its presence both constant and dominant.

900 BC - A period of high cultural and literary creativty in all three cultures. In the Union, by now a very expansionist power, the philosophy of Propogation is formed.

SD001500.00 - A long war begins between the Union, who has reached the sea border of their continent, and another of the three main cultures of Say'lreth D begins. While it costs both sides dear and results in few actual gains for either side, both cultures develop several highly important mechanical principles as a result of the war.

SD027500.00 - A civil war erupts in the third (by now minor) culture of Say'lreth D, Y'ron. The other powers take the opportunity to use their superior naval forces to encroach upon Y'ron land.

SD035000.00 - The long and bloody revolutions and counter revolutions ended, the third civilsation, emasculated by war, adopts the philosophy of Propogation.

SD050000.00 - A remarkably long period of peace, acheived through ambassadorial dialogues, ends with a short conflict in the second culture, resulting in a break-away power forming. By this time, two powers have adopted the philosophy of Propogation and two, formerly one federation, have renounced it.

SD070000.00 - The second major spiritual figure of Say'lreth history emerges in the break-away power, now named Ashron'ai. His name is Ulther'i and, having studied by the 150 years of Bountiful Peace from 350 AD to 500 AD, supports the use of cultural domination, through ambassadorial dialogue, over military domination. He is instrumental in forcing Ashron'ai to adopt the philosophy of Propogation. All three powers of Say'lreth will soon believe in it, the Union to the greatest degree, Ashron'ai to the smallest.

SD110000.00 - The Union, still the dominant force of Say'lreth D, conquer the fractious state which Ashron'ai had broken away from. There are once again three major powers on the planet. They launch the first sattellites of Say'lreth, but soon enter a period of economic decline, which Ashron'ai take advantage of by poaching border states of the Union through cultural transfer.

SD130000.00 - The Union's decline levels out, but they are now poorer than Ashron'ai. A period of intense exploration begins.

SD140000.00 - The Far-Land Wars. The Union and Ashron'ai fight over a newly-discovered continent which holds several precious resources. The Union narrowly win, still more militarily minded, but at great cost to their fragile economy.

SD150000.00 - Y'ron, fearful of the cultural aggressiveness of Ashron'ai, with whom they share a border, go into a period of isolationism. Ahsron'ai encourage the isolationism, knowing cultural isolationism can lead to stagnation.

SD155000.00 - Ashron'ai launch their first space rockets.

SD155100.00 - The Union resume their space program.

SD160000.00 - The Union, in what they percieve as decline since 1200 AD, take a gamble and incite revolution in the long-peaceful Y'ron.

SD165000.00 - The Y'ron Troubles spill over into Ashron'ai territory. The Ashron'ai, engaged in an intense cold war with the ancient Union, act quickly to crush the insurrection.

SD170000.00 - As a result of intense military research, Ashron'ai develops warp drive, offering the secret to Y'ron in order to pacify it. However, they need resources found in the continent the Union won during the Far-Land Wars to continue their warp program.

SD175000.00 - The Union, their economy improving greatly thanks to successful trading with the Ashron'ai, succeed in developing a warp system of their own.

SD180000.00 - Ashron'ai announce successful colonisation of Say'lreth E. First contact with an alien power follows shortly.

SD182500.00 - Y'ron make their alliance with Ashron'ai official. They are soon subsumed into Ashron'ai proper.

SD185000.00 - The Union announce an ambassador is to be stationed on an alien world. Ashron'ai realise this may be because of the Union's richer resources. Ashron'ai begin to develop holographic technology.

SD187500.00 - A period of horribly excessive resource mining is begun by the Union.

SD189800.00 - Several weak colonies in neighbouring systems fall under the auspices of Ashron'ai.

SD193000.00 - Ashron'ai conquer several strong colonies in out-lying star systems, using their c ultural policies. 1960 AD - The Union are taken over by their own alien "allies", having exhausted the already thin supply of resources their half of Say'lreth has to offer.

SD196100.00 - Diplomacy fails and Ashron'ai declare war on what was once the Union, claiming they are out to free the Say'lreth of the once-proud union.

SD196300.00 - Ashron'ai push the aliens from Say'lreth D and chase them back to their own space.

SD196400.00 - The Global Government of the Say'lreth Column is officially set up.

SD198900.00 - The Say'lreth Column, now using their tactic of cultural domination prior to securing conquests militarily to great effect, begin a period of huge expansion, creating an empire about two thirds the size of the present-day Federation by 2060.

SD207000.00 - The Say'lreth are now the dominant power in the Beta Quadrant and entirely self-sufficient. The days of careful rationing of resources are over.The Say'lreth Column's Golden Age has begun.

SD207600.00 - A Say'lreth senator from Say'lreth E begins to champion the cause of increasing autonomy for the member states of the Say'lreth Column. Named Therer'un, he will become the last great spiritual leader of the Say'lreth to date, at least to some. He is credited with beginning the Huaton Movement, which supportsa return to the peaceful but quietly successful ways of ancient Y'ron. He and his supporters loathe the cultural conquests of the Column.

SD217000.00 - The Say'lreth Column loot Romulan shipping lanes, contemptuous of the comparitively lowly Romulans and taking advantage of their weakness from the recent Earth-Romulan war. The Column forces Romulan Galactic ambitions to abate.

SD223000.00 - A short war with the Klingons erupts. The Column, long appearing as members of their enemies race for cultural reasons, is identified as a long-forgotten break-away state by the Klingons.

SD230000.00 - For the first time in centuries, as the Columns exploratory ships reach the Beta-Delta Quadrant borders, civil war erupts between the increasingly autocratic government and the revolutionary Huaton Movement.

SD231100.00 - Following the Tomed Incident, one Starfleet vessel comes across an outlying Column colony. The Huaton outpost there is startled by what they learn about the fair government of the Federation. They begin to promote insurrection on the Rim Colonies.

SD231400.00 - A Column Exploratory Fleet encounter the Borg. They are lost with all hands.

SD231500.00 - The Rim Insurrection begins with gusto. Coupled with the Borg incident, the Say'lreth Column reluctantly turn all their attentions inward, just as the Federation turns its attention to the Beta Quadrant.

SD233000.00 - The Say-lreth central government begins to suffer for its wild expansionism. Finding themselves with too many fronts to fight on, the Column begins to collapse.

SD234500.00 - The Rim Insurrection has claimed all but the homes systems of the Say'lreth Column. In desperate response, the central government grants full independence to any colony who wants it. All take it.

SD236000.00 - The Say'lreth Column, not just four systems in composition, begins to suffer, having too long relied on the rich resources of their outlying colonies. Say'lreth D is almost dry of all resources.

SD236800.00 - In desperation, the now small Column Fleet begin to pick off some of the less successful former colonies. Resource mining begins afresh.

SD237200.00 - The Say'lreth Column is now 16 systems strong, with many of the former colonies failing to provide for themselves after years of domination, and finding no help from the Klingons or Federation, embroiled in revival of hostilities.

SD237500.00 - The Column, now 26 systems strongs, sees a resurgence of the Huaton Movement. The Column is by now weak, economically crippled and corrupt, despite its period of expansion. It can no longer take the strain of any sort of empire, but the home systems, Say'lreth D in particular, cannot afford to give up. The end of the Dominion War, however, gives the Huaton Movement some hope of ending the totalitatian expansionism of the Say'lreth once and for all, and civil war begins.

SD237700.00 - There is now no longer a Column to speak of. The home systems are starved of resources, the atmosphere is violent. Few of the once-strong components of the once-might Say-lreth Column can remember how to fend for themselves. While the central government attempts to pretend there is still a Column to govern, their Galaxy falls apart.