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Comm Badge

It is the duty of every Starfleet officer to wear their commbadge at all times, even off-duty, in case of emergency.

Comm Badge
Standard Duty

This is the normal day-today duty uniform. As with all Starfleet uniforms the different departments are designated by colour trims.

Red - Command, Helm, Flight.

Gold - Operations, Security, Engineering

Blue - Medical, Science, Counselling

Green - Marines

The uniform comprises a long-sleeved undershirt worn under a duty jacket with matching trousers.

Standard Duty Uniform
In departmental colours, this is worn underneath the duty jacket. If worn casually off-duty, the communicator badge must also be worn at all times.

Standard Duty Uniform - Undershirt

For Away Missions or planetary visits where the temperature is colder than the carefully regulated levels inside a ship or station, an over-jacket is worn on top of standard duty jacket.

Standard Duty Uniform - Over-Jacket
Field Uniforms

Designated for wear in active field operations, primarily in battle situations.

Note the marine standard BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) is a familiar style of combat uniform, often worn with battle armour on top.

Field Uniform
Marine Field Uniforms (Variants)

As well as the standard BDU, marines have a variety of different combat fatigues designed to help camouflage them in different terrains.

Marine Field Uniforms

Standard issue uniform for all Starfleet cadets. Must be worn during all official Academy and student functions. If a cadet is performing field training on a starship, starbase, or planet, uniform must also be worn. Communicator must be worn at all times.

Dress Uniforms [Level 2]

The dress uniform is for officers only during designated Level 2 occasions. These can range from semi-formal events, meetings with minor dignitaries etc. During this time enlisted crew would wear standard duty uniforms.

Dress Uniforms - Level 2
Dress Uniforms [Level 1]

Dress Uniforms are worn by all crew on fully formal occasions.

Level 1 Dress: Enlisted - Enlisted crew wear grey jackets with gold braid trim and departmental colour inserts on the shoulders. The dark trousers have a matching gold stripe down the outside leg. Enlisted marines wear the same design jacket only in red, with the trouser piping also in red.

Dress Uniforms - Level 1 - Enlisted

Level I Dress: Officers - Naval officers wear identical formal dress uniforms, with the Captain or Commanding Officer differentiated by the white undershirt. All other officers have a grey undershirt. Marine Officers wear the same design as naval, but with a red jacket and red-piped blue trousers. Marine CO's wear a dark blue jacket, red sash and ornamental sword.

Dress Uniforms - Level 1 - Officers

Flag Officers : Commodores and Admirals - There is a slight variant between the standard duty uniform of a Commodore and an Admiral. Both, however, wear the same style Dress Uniform.

Dress Uniforms - Level 1 - Flag Officers
Department of Temporal Investigations & Intel Dept

The 'Blackshirts', as the Department of Temporal Investigations and the Intel Department are known, wear the same standard design but all colour designations and items of clothing are black or grey, with white piping trim.

DTI and Intel

A. Standard Duty - B. Undershirt - C. Over-Jacket - D. Field

DTI and Intel Cont.

E. Undershirt - F. Training - G. Enlisted Dress - H. Officer Dress

Duty Uniform Variants:

Some extra items of wear are specific to a particular department or task.

Starfleet Pilot's Uniform: - Standard uniform issued to Starfleet fighter pilots. Worn by pilots that regularly operate small Starfleet military air/space vehicles. Helmet is standard operational wear.

Standard Lab Coat: - Optional lab coat worn by some medical and science personnel.

Engineering Coveralls: - Worn to protect duty uniforms when crew are performing repairs or maintenance that are particularly messy, and for additional protection.

Environmental Suit: - Standard-issue Starfleet isolation gear to allow crew to venture into areas of space or other uninhabitable zones. An older suit variant, (as you might expect on the Caledonia or BoB) but nonetheless effective.

Duty Uniform Variants

A. Pilot - B. Lab Coat - C. Coveralls - D. EVA Suit


Keeping in excellent physical shape is vital for every Starfleet crewmember, and special work-out/exercise uniforms are supplied for training purposes. there are two variants (all with appropriate departmental colour trim). One is in plain grey, the other in white.

Training 1
Training 2
Hot Weather

During open-air duty or away missions planetside where the climate is very hot and arid, crew are permitted to wear white exercise clothes which are specially designed to keep the body as cool as possible. These are supplemented by a loose, flowing over-top with hood, designed to help reflect the sun and protection the skin from burning.

Hot Weather
Off Duty

Variants shown are the combinations of off-duty attire available. Either long sleeved or short sleeved undershirts with a choice of two designs of vest. But it must still conform to regulations of corresponding department color as well as the officer's rank and communicator badge. The vests have a small inside pocket.

Off Duty 1
Off Duty 2
Off Duty 3
Off Duty 4
Off Duty 5

Men generally prefer the underwear variant as pictured below, however a short-sleeved t-shirt option is also available. Similarly, women tend to prefer the tank-top depicted, but at least one Starfleet-issue bra option is also available to those that prefer. Needless to say, these are designed with practicality in mind, not aesthetics!


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