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Current Vacancies

Listed below are the positions that we're looking to fill, so enjoy browsing the job descriptions and see if it might be YOU signing up!

Most positions listed below are the small number of Department Head and Deputy Chief vacancies available, but all applications for Assistant positions in other departments are very welcome. Check our current manifests to see what assistant, enlisted or civilian positions might be currently available. If what you'd like to play isn't shown here, just ask - we'll be happy to try and find the perfect job for you. Please note that this is a Non-Telepath Sim. We welcome any reasonable, quirky, canon or original Special Abilities with the strict exception of telepathy.

Chief Science Officer [USS Caledonia]

Any takers for a department with hardly any equipment - can you scrounge and hustle your way to re-equipping it? As well as solving some of the most puzzling scientific mysteries that come your way? A sharp and incisive brain is required - boffs, geeks and space-nerds will be fascinated by the amount of inexplicable phenomena the ship blunders into.

Chief Operations Officer [USS Caledonia]

With consoles perpetually sparking and shorting out, you'll need to be a whiz at jury-rigging systems, and be able to cajole a semi-sentient ship's computer to play nice. Multi-tasking is a given, being overworked is guaranteed, and being short-staffed is promised. Tempted??

Chief Counselling Officer [USS Caledonia]

When all around you are borderline insane - or unstable at the very least - this job is a potential paradise for the psychologically inclined. Beware though - questions about the fates of the previous counsellors are quickly glossed over and punctuated by shifty-eyed evasions. Not a job for the faint-hearted!

Deputy Chief Medical Officer [Starbase BoB]

With only one qualified doctor on the whole station, allied to the amount of injuries and illnesses that strike, there's an urgent need for a good qualified medic who can tackle anything and everything that comes their way. Emergency rescues, battle injuries, strange viruses - all in a days work for the staff of BoB's Infirmary. Know one end of a dermal regenerator from another? Apply now - we'll even throw in your own box of elastoplast.

Fighter Pilot/Deputy Chief Flight Commander [ Starbase BoB ]

Must be able to fly like a demon, as the jaws of hell frequently open up around here. Must also be able to fly Valks (and repair them afterwards), shuttles (and repair them afterwards) deal with civilian merchant trader pilots (and repair them afterwards) - you see the pattern here? Great opportunity to build your own personalised fighter vessel from scratch for those so inclined to play scrapheap challenge.

When applying for any of the Open Positions above, please read House Rules and Bio Guidelines thoroughly to make sure your application conforms to the sometimes quirky requirements of this unique sim!